Saturday, May 31, 2008

that dog. - Retreat From the Sun

Wow, I've been busy. Sorry. I've also been kinda sick, as have a lot of other people I know, some more critically than others. And I can't lie, I've been trying to think of a good solid album to post about and haven't had the time to do so. Anyhow, it came to me last night. Take that as you will.

I'm the type of person who likes to relate my life to songs and no other album tells my life story like that dog.'s Retreat From the Sun. In fact it's like some kind of strange meta-universe existing each inside the other one. How do I explain that? It's like listening to a song about my life while living that life and having my life told to me in the process? Does that make sense? And am I a person that says "like" too much? I've heard that some people love that.

that dog. were from LA and were chock full of Haydens and led by the daughter of a music industry big timer. I suppose you could say that they would've never gotten this music released on a major label if not for their connections, but you could absolutely not say that they wouldn't have gotten it released at all. Which, had they the "indie cred" they might be more revered now. Also, I've had people tell me I look like Anna Waronker, which is just another in a long line of blond-haired, round-faced comparisons. Thanks.

Retreat From the Sun was released in 1997 and you'll never believe who it was recorded by...Brad Wood. I told you...half your record collection.

Interestingly enough, this was to be Waronker's first solo album but she allegedly talked her band mates into recording this with her. And that's probably why it stands out against the rest of that dog.'s catalog. This is some highly refined alternapop and I meant that in the nicest way possible. After all, this was from a time when the term "alternative" was just beginning to lose it's attractiveness. This gets in right under the wire. And I'd also like to say that this perhaps triumphs in creating the alluring and intriguing yet easily digestible pop nuggets that Liz Phair has been failing to fry up ever since Whitechocolatespaceegg.

Or maybe I should just say that this is someone putting my secret diary to music. (How dare you!)

Let's check out some entries:

May 1999 - "I'm Gonna See You" - Hey, I totally like you and our life is totally going to be like this song. For sure! I'm gonna totally like see you in the morning and junk. And "none of the above the waist activity"? I totally know that means boning.

August 2007 - "Never Say Never" - I'm like so totally dumb, for sure. I mean, I totally know you're the one and all. Man, maybe I should like go tell you and stuff.

February 1997 - "Minneapolis" - Oh wow, that dude is like so totally hot. I totally am going to go out with him. Swearsies. He should like be my new best friend and stuff.

September 1998 - "Long Island" - It's so true that "it seems as though our paths were never meant to meet", but wow, you are like so awesome. Let's share cigarettes and wish on stars. That sounds like totally awesome.

May 1998 - "Hawthorne" - This party is so bunk. Maybe I could talk to you. Maybe we could like start a band or some shit. You like that dog.? Me too. I'm totally dying to get a piece of this.

October 1999 - "Did You Ever?" - Hey I'm putting all my shit out on the line here. What have you done for me? Yeah, wouldn't it be great if we could split ourselves in two? Yeah that would like totally be my dream. Geez.

June 2001 - "Cowboy Hat" - My roommate just told me "April! There's a cowboy at the door!" Sure enough, there was. That cowboy talked me out of totally puking. For sure.

May 2008 - "Until the Day I Die" - I'm like gonna quote some shit. "I've never given back to you all the love in the world, to give to a little girl. No matter how hard I try, this will be until the day I die." That's like really heavy.

I would also like to add that that dog. is probably why I usually like to type in all lowercase letters. Just sayin'.

This is on Geffen, it's everywhere. But there's not really a web presence for the band, so here's Anna Waronker's myspace...

Hear it HERE.

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oh! breakdown said...

i can't even begin to express my gratitude fro this album..
thanks, gracias, merci, danke, and i forgot the japanese one.. oh, wel..