Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blog You Like a Hurricane


We stocked up on water, food, alcohol, toilet paper and batteries for our cigarette amps. When the power went out we recorded songs with a laptop for The Hurricane Sessions. Once the songs are mixed we'll let you know. For now, we have the pictures...

While others were "hunkering down" we were eating Mexican food at Kuko's.

There were last minute security measures.

We were all set.

Macks was all set, too.

We were holding out for the power to stay on so we set the amps up.

We hope you had plenty of water to flush the toilet.

Here is our very wet friend who stayed behind.

There's a river on our street.

Guitars getting ready to rock.

Maybe we use the keytar?

The Snake don't need no power.

Pope Jon has a seat.

The Avenue of the Oaks.

This treehouse didn't make it.

Folks couldn't wait to clean up.

This house-house didn't make it.

Things are ruff all over.

My circuit board! Oh no!

You'll probably need to turn around.

All the little guys were totally fine.

Totally essential needs.

Totally essential sandwich.

Shepherd Park Plaza got hit fairly bad.

My mom lost her back fence.

And her side fence.

But at least this didn't happen.

My grandmother's house seemed alright.

The side of the house was a different story.

You said it!

Please do!

And back to the guitars.

Red sky at night, etc.


Monday, September 15th was Pope Jon PPPP's birthday.

He got his birthday wish that we recorded with electricity.

Electricity and dogs...

On September 16th we met up with a friend who had a ginormous tree in his street.

The sidewalk was totalled.

Erik Mabbun skated that shit.

I giffed it.

Steven and Pope Jon talked about a fight at the Austin Power Pop Fest.

Snake, Chris and Mabbun chillaxed.

The rest of the pictures are here, here, and here.

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xtimmyx said...

glad you had water for flushing and f'd up sidewalks for skating. that blows about the tree house.

and the real house, too, i guess.